Weirdharold Speaks

Only one type of person will use psychoactive at inappropriate times. Those who wish to change the way the feel. Where do you find those people. Our youth, facing an adult life, with hormones for an adult, but without the skill to inter that life. Then we have the mentally ill.

We have bastardized our drug laws to the point it easier for our youth to obtain these psychoactive products than it was 100 years where no laws existed. At the same time our efforts to keep these chemicals out of the hands of all, laws to develop that policy have created the most tragic political atmosphere against our most mentally ill.

We arm police to stop the flow of these psychoactive products. This action creates a society hell bent on stopping the mentally ill from using product they know will make them feel better. Here Adam Smith’s thought comes into play “Virtue is more to be feared than vice, because its excesses are not subject to the regulation of conscience.”

So much for the philosophy let us look at the reality. Political lawmaker go after the drug market with a vengeance with the full approval of those who put them in their position of power. This fact allows the lawmakers to give more and more powers to the law enforcement. These laws have gone far beyond the reach of our constitution, such as entrapment and confiscation of property all while our populace think we are keeping these product from our youth. When these laws produce nothing but larger police forces and judicial systems. and imprison our sick. Then Adam Smith’s thought comes into play when failure is rewarded with more power allocated to those who carry out the sorry public policy.

Author: harold