Litter to Daily Journal Not Published

Some friends are chiding me because I have stated I am going to vote for Mr. Kenneth Hurt for The First District in Mississippi for the US House of Representatives. I do not know Mr. Hurt. I did know his beautiful and amiable daughter that died of breast cancer. Also I have met his granddaughter and her child. None of these acquaintances would change my mind about voting for Mr. Hunt. The article in the Daily Journal on 10/17/06 did not change my opinion either. We need change in Washington, D.C.

The past 12 years we have seen all the money put into political campaigns devoted to disparaging each opponent via the mass media. This leaves many angry. Soon we will have the Divided States of America.

Why don’t we put these mega bucks back into the local precincts to organize campaigns? This would allow local people to take responsibility for their political issues. Maybe this would stop the large corporations from deciding who is going to Washington to serve their needs. Maybe tax dollars could be more wisely used.

I have not heard a disparaging campaign going on here and I hope we do not have one. If this race were close we would have one. My only thought is we need a change because our three-tier oversight government is not working. Change is the only answer.

Another change that could be made for better government would for our politicians adopt the same principle that professional wrestlers use, “Your opponent has to work tomorrow night”

Author: harold