The Rim Champ Speaks

To the editor:
When I was campaigning in 2000 I got a lot of feedback about ?cops on
the take?. They would call about ?drug houses? ? with no results.
Since then I have read reviews of The Departed and how it?s based on a
true story. It stars Jack Nicholson as a mobster who was an informant
for the police. That?s how police prosecute the War on Drugs: with
informants whose cover is dealing drugs. Those informants then provide
information about their competitors ? who are busted.
Working with criminals to bust other criminals is considered good
police practice. Of course, any moron can see that police can?t ? by
definition ? ever end or even seriously curtail trafficking of banned
drugs. Once they turn on informants fewer criminals will work with
them. Even worse, they will have to rely on other informants. Besides,
99% of those busted for ?dealing? are addicts who are then morphed by
editors like Priewe into mini Pablo Escobars in the minds of readers.
The Escobars of the world don?t touch banned drugs. They hire ? or
coerce – people to grow, transport, and sell them. All cashiers in the
drug war are addicts ? even addicts on Oprah. A clear minority of users
are addicts, but police often put nonaddicts in mandatory rehab or
jail. Often they cooperate with our government to imprison competitors.
Only a legal regulated market will end their profiteering. Then
maybe we can stop treating sick people like criminals ? or training
them as criminals in prison.
JT Barrie
Philomath, OR

The Oprah Show frequently uses addicts in her show but glosses over
their criminal activities to make them more sympathetic to her
audience. These are “people ruined by drugs”. In last Friday’s episode
they featured a child of an addict who was exposed to people who stole
cars and dealt drugs to finance their addiction. The show never
detailed how the mother financed her addiction. Since it was her house,
it was likely that she was a dealer too. The lapdog media takes great
pains to separate addicts from dealers in the minds of the public. From
fantasy cop shows on TV to news coverage they deliberately neglect to
inform them that all the low level dealers [cashiers] are addicted and
deal to bankroll their addiction.
To be honest I did live with a sporadic dealer, who dealt to
bankroll his business investments. He was an alcoholic who was not
addicted to the product he sold. He also sold exclusively to casual
users and deliberately limited his activities so as not to become
visible to drug informants for police. He didn’t become an informant
because he was reasonably intelligent and did not trust police any
further than I could throw them [ while in atrocious physical
condition, he had more upper body strength than I did]. Needless to
say, many other “wealthy entrepreneurs” rely a lot on drug money and
their income is nearly totally as risk-free as my former roommate’s.

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Author: harold