Just another look at a failed drug policy

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Here in a magazine with small readership (I assume) the author has attacked our policy as wrong, then in a major newspaper we say our procedures are wrong without giving any thought our policies are not working. I do not understand how we continue to give powers to police without oversight. Our Bill Of Rights were developed so as these individuals would have very limited powers and with continual oversight.

This is a result of our drug laws. As I see it no one wants to look at these failed policies. All we wish to do is to legislate harsher penalties and give more power to police, those who should have less.

Trying to convince an American our drug laws are a failure is like telling the Taliban their laws controlling women’s behavior is not working.

Those who think these laws are helpful, please meet me at the corner’s office and we will ascertain the real reason for the death of an individual known to use alcohol/drugs. The death certificate will state the following: Kidney and/or liver failure, seizure, injuries from car accident, drown (possibility in their own vomit), self inflected injuries from a gun, Overdosed on some drug (very seldom an accident not even in our youth). Then we get to the real fun one, ruptured artery in the esophagus (a really nice way to check out) and the list goes on.

I guess some of you will say it is okay to give up our Bill of Rights and kill a few old ladies on the way, but I think the evidence is clear we are going in the wrong direction.

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