Ideas From a Fellowship Member

16 Characteristics of a Flawed Personality

  1. Attempts to hide a scared child inside an adult’s body.
  2. Tendency toward extreme self pity.
  3. Vain, egotistical self-serving grandiose.
  4. An exaggerated sense of one’s own importance.
  5. Tendency to change sides in an argument.
  6. Fearful, anxious, paranoid with denial about one’s defects and motives.
  7. A gross sense of inferiority with an extreme sensitivity to criticism.
  8. Hostility, competition toward anyone viewed as superior.
  9. Failure to adopt honesty and discipline into one’s core values and beliefs, an extreme fear of rejection.
  10. An obsessive life-long hatred toward anyone viewed as having committed insults (real or imagined).
  11. Refusal to forgive or make amends.  Obsessive hostility toward anyone attempting to act as a peacemaker.
  12. Quick to anger and slow to forgive; a lack of integrity.
  13. Tendency to hide in fantasy and illusion.
  14. Anger and refusal to accept others’ suggestions that one’s perception differs from reality.
  15. Becomes upset when others openly discuss their shortcomings or mental quirks that he or she is trying to hide.
  16. Refusal to attempt any activity that he or she is unsure about his or her ability to win or dominate.

Barry Springer
Author: harold