How the Drug War Started

Here is where the worm crawled out of the log. or maybe you would say the snake took control of the hen house.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s everybody in Washington, D C knew if congress pasted a law that said individual could not put some substance in their bodies, the Supreme Court would knock it down. Well some sorry s@#@$%%*&h decided our country could give our police the powers to keep substances away from us weak will folks. 1914 it was opiates and cocaine, then 1919 alcohol (oooooh what a mistake), 1937 marijuana, check out this site if you think you have been lied to 1973 the DEA can add drug as they chose ( ooooh what a powerful bunch).

The best of all the lies came 1987-1988 when the Iran-Contra broke out. Ronnie went to sleep and Nancy took over and we got, “Just say no to drugs” ( same as telling the homeless . “Just buy a house”

Author: harold