Thought from 31 Years Ago

My brain is too scattered to compose today. I will try to relate the memory of my actions of 31 years ago today. My wife, son and I had stayed overnight in Minnetonka, MN a suburb of Minneapolis with my boss at the Fingerhut Corp. and his wife. I had decided on 12/24/75 that I would enter treatment for alcoholism on the 29th.

The reason for the postponement was I was able to obtain tickets for the Cowboys-Vikings playoff game in Bloomington Stadium. My son was a very avid Cowboy fan and he knew there were tickets left on sale and one of my coworker knew where to get some. He had purchased 7 tickets in the bleachers on the south end zone.

I had told my boss on the 27th I was going to alcohol treatment on the 27th. He was kinda sad because we had be drinking buddies for about the past 5 years. However the conversation was brief and we went on with our plans. That Saturday we went out and purchased some clothes for setting still 3.5 hours in Minnesota December weather.

I remember we did not go to any tailgate party but I remember walking through the parking lot where the parties were going on with full force. Remember one guy was urinating as we were walking by to get to our seats. We got to our seats Row 22 in the bleachers. We huddled together to stay warm. My son was excited. I was dry, all I can say. The game was very uneventful because it was a game played between the 40 yards lines. As I remember the Cowboys had a 10-7 lead most of the game. It seems to me the Vikings scored with less the one minute to play taking a 14-10 lead. The Cowboys took the field and Roger Starbach started throwing. He may have got one first down. The next I remember he throws what is now known as the Hail Mary pass in the NFL. He threw a pass to Drew Pearson the wide receiver for the Cowboys. Pearson was one or two steps from the end zone on the north side of the field. Bobby Bryant was covering Pearson. Pearson caught the pass and stepped into the end zone, giving the Cowboys a 16-14 lead. This happened just a few yards from our eyes. A few seconds of dead silence from the 60,000 Vikings fans before hell broke loose.

Someone threw an orange onto the field near Pearson and Bryant. Many, including me, thought it was a flag. There could have been two fouls. One I thought Pearson pushed off Bryant. Another was Pearson could have been out of bounds. The Field Judge had a different idea. He thought it was a touchdown.

Some dude from behind us threw a whisky bottle at the Field Judge. I could see the bottle while in the air. I thought it was going to hit the official. It did, right on the forehead. I thought it could have killed him. They removed him from the field on a stretcher.

I remember more that day, but I will tell in private.

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Author: harold