Nyquil has been marketed as the ?take care of symptoms so you can
rest? medicine. It is remarkably akin to an old cold and flu remedy
that utilizes whiskey, lemon and honey and ? combined with rest ? was
remarkably effective. Most users were fully recovered within a couple
of days.

It was only a matter of time before Dayquil was developed as the ?take
care of symptoms so you can work? medicine. It promotes a workaholic
culture and, since it lengthens recovery time ? while minimizing down
time from work ? more drugs are sold. A bonus for drug companies
occurred later when workaholics develop serious health problems that
result in long-term drug dependencies to treat those problems.
There was a minor downside to Nyquil in that it made a product with an
equivalent punch of hard liquor available for sale to minors. After
enough underage people abused Nyquil the main ingredient was changed
from the precursor for whiskey to the precursor for meth. The newer
Nyquil was significantly less effective for treating symptoms ? but
kids couldn?t abuse it as easily.

Then came the overhyped ?meth epidemic? and all products with the
precursor for meth were now prescription drugs requiring the additional
cost of doctor visits. Nyquil?s precursor was nonsmokeable so wasn?t
nearly as effective at getting high as crystal meth or the original
Nyquil. However, enough underage drug abusers found Nyquil?s
availability attractive to warrant a change in formula from the meth
precursor to acetaminophen. This change made Nyquil?s newest version
even less effective in dealing with symptoms ? but kept underage
abusers from getting high.

We have had serious problems with the use of acetaminophen. It is very
useful for treating the symptoms of minor ailments. Acetaminophen
accumulates in the body and can be toxic in high amounts. Whenever you
use less effective medicines it usually takes longer to treat the
condition and this involves more medication. Acetaminophen poisoning is
involved in over three times more deaths than meth. This happened
because many nonabusers used acetaminophen when more effective drugs ?
that can be abused to get high like opiates ? are restricted or
overpriced due to restrictions. Since it was less effective more was
needed for longer time periods and poisoning was inevitable for many users.

We can count on the news media to let us know how the drug companies
have cooperated in this war against the ?meth epidemic?. Few in the
media will even cover the higher death toll resulting from the newest
version of Nyquil [and similar drugs]. And hardly anybody in our media
will let them know the true cause of most of these unnecessary deaths:
the drug war. Unlike other states Oregon has an easy solution: put the
original 50 proof Nyquil back in state run liquor stores.

JT Barrie

I will be in attendance at the “meth awareness assembly” at the the
Philomath High School in Gym 1. I will only have a 5-7 minute speech
prepared to contribute. If you don’t have a drug policy reformer
speaking I will file a complaint about political activity against
Philomath High School, Benton County Health Department, and any and all
law enforcement agencies represented at that assembly with the Attorney
General’s office. If they ignore my complaint as expected it will only
prove that they have as little regard for the law against political
activities by public agencies as all involved in organizing this
political rally. Do we have a HUGE loophole in the state version of
the Hatch Act or what?

Author: harold

Just another look at a failed drug policy

Read here first

Then here

Here in a magazine with small readership (I assume) the author has attacked our policy as wrong, then in a major newspaper we say our procedures are wrong without giving any thought our policies are not working. I do not understand how we continue to give powers to police without oversight. Our Bill Of Rights were developed so as these individuals would have very limited powers and with continual oversight.

This is a result of our drug laws. As I see it no one wants to look at these failed policies. All we wish to do is to legislate harsher penalties and give more power to police, those who should have less.

Trying to convince an American our drug laws are a failure is like telling the Taliban their laws controlling women’s behavior is not working.

Those who think these laws are helpful, please meet me at the corner’s office and we will ascertain the real reason for the death of an individual known to use alcohol/drugs. The death certificate will state the following: Kidney and/or liver failure, seizure, injuries from car accident, drown (possibility in their own vomit), self inflected injuries from a gun, Overdosed on some drug (very seldom an accident not even in our youth). Then we get to the real fun one, ruptured artery in the esophagus (a really nice way to check out) and the list goes on.

I guess some of you will say it is okay to give up our Bill of Rights and kill a few old ladies on the way, but I think the evidence is clear we are going in the wrong direction.

Let’s try Weirdharold’s way, here

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Author: harold