Lee County Needs a Jail

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I see the Lee County law enforcement and justice department are hard at work to overfill our nine year old jail. It is not hard using our failed drug policy. First they arrested a 24 year old lad mostly for a entrepreneurial spirit. The lad was light house farming marijuana. This product is used daily by millions of Americans. He will be replaced in the food chain quickly. How many people died from marijuana use last year in Lee County? Zero. How many people died on our roads??? Why can’t we put our law enforcement efforts on this?

Of course we had 3 meth users arrested also. Four more arrests to show we are tough on crime.

We will put this productive man in prison for 5 to 10 years at the cost of $23,400 per year while we watch our youth die on highways. Political focus on the wrong issue.

I bet we get this jail filled!!!!!!!

Author: harold