Build a Jail or not to build a Jail

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Re: Wanted: more space for Lee prisoners

Dear Madam or Sir:

We do not need more jail space and for sure we do not need a drug court. Why do we need an addition to our jail that is nine years old? Why do we need a drug court? The reason is simple we have a fail drug policy. It is shameful to me that we have had a drug policy in place for more than four and one half generations and no one will take a look at its failure.

What are the drug laws for? Too keep drugs from our children. WELL IT AIN”T WORKING! Instead we build jail and prisons and fill our treatment centers (102 places treat addiction in Mississippi). Addicts are dying like flies around a slop jar.

I understand the county commissioners and the politics involved in wanting to build a jail, however the Daily Journal endorsement is a shame I have seen no investigative reporting on why we need this jail. This my friends is shameful. No questions being asked about why one third of the jail population is in jail on drug related charges.

Our drug prohibition is worse than alcohol prohibition. And nobody cares.

Heaven forbid anyone would wont to how we could save a few mill and make our county a little less disruptive.

Our drug prohibition is worse than alcohol prohibition. And nobody cares.

Author: harold

The Brain is not Connected

The brain is in a condition hard to explain. The body is not under a state of fatigue. However reading is out. Formalization of thought is barley there. Writing is much easier than speaking. Writing is hard. Is it the meds for shingles? Am I ever going to be any better? I guess I need to take a walk. Sit in a state of mediation might help. I have been here before it is not pleasant, but manageable. I am so happy I can compose this little article.
Author: harold

Suggested Methodology to Make the Drug War Personal

I think one method of getting the public involved in this fantasy about these drug laws is as follows.

I. Find a red state city under 50,000 that has a television station, a viable newspaper, and Federal Court House. I would suggest Bowling Green, KY

II Devote all resources available to do the following:
A. Buy adds in local Newspaper and TV of the following
1. Pictures of everybody arrested on drug charges: stating, “We failed on this one”
a. Same on feds on local arrests.
2. Check all death certificates for those under 50. Finds out if they were drug related or not then,follow the same procedure.
3. Investigate all traffic accidents. same procedure.
4. Watch all court actions for drug law sentencing. Show pictures of Judge and those sentenced. How long sentenced. Cost of interment (appox. $23,000 per person per year)
5. Watch drug raids and those hurt. and get in news our drug policies failed.
6. Watch for drug arrests where an addict was befriended then arrested.

B. Expand search on treatments centers
1.No pictures here, find cost and put in adds.

Keep repeating, “We failed on this one”

If we could get a flame one place, it might get a big fire burning and put those folks on the defensive and the media would get involved. Maybe we could get the discussion going. Please understand the acts the police and the justice are bragging are very clearly act of failure of the policy. Nobody knows it.

“All politics are local”

I will promise all that I earn on this site will go to this endeavor. 2006 earning on this site was $7.19 and growing.
Author: harold