Now About Sex

I attended a fellowship meeting the other day where sex was discussed. Chapter 5. page 68 bottom paragraph to 3 or 4 paragraphs on page 70 was read. Click here and download Chapter 5 and turn to page 68 read last paragraph to the end of the chapter. To me the first paragraph of the essay is so important to us as fellowships members to help all stay sober and recovery from alcoholism.

In an obscure way it tells us we all have sex problems and opinions on sex cover a wide range. To me the very important statement is, ” We want to stay out of this controversy. We do not want to be the arbiter of anyone’s sex conduct. We all have sex problems.” The author of the text was very careful as not to get into behavior. This is my blog and I will say what I please. I want to say the statement says I must Love a man seeking help for alcoholism if his wife of 30 years cut him off from sex because of his drunkenness and he starts looking around house for other sexual partners, whether it be daughter, son, sister, brother, or a Holstein heifer. Maybe just a single handed operation with a good imagination seeking Brittany Spears. I do not think I should insert myself into that family and tell them how I think their problem can be solved.

As all my fellowship work is to, share my experience, strength, and hope to help others stop drinking. A meeting on this subject can be harrowing for a newcomer. He may not be able to distinguish sharing, from bragging or maybe confessing or lying. I do not think dividing our groups by sex can help this process.
Author: harold