Violent Marketplace

The marketplace is violent. This violence is created by our law enforcement that has been given powers they should never have. The 500,000 drug dealers we have locked up, creating a private prison industry, are mere addicts sharing the cost of a very expensive product. The high value of these substances are again the result of our prohibition laws.

It is so easy to conjure up rhetoric so we can hate other folks. When I was born we were suppose hate Germans (Nazis), Japanese (Nips) and maybe Italians. Later we should hate Russians, maybe Chinese and Cubans. A little later we should add North Vietnamese and love South Vietnamese to the list and remove Germans, Japanese and Italians from the hate list. Today we should hate Muslims and get a little piss off at the French. Maybe our state department should send out a letter each month on who to hate and who to love.

All during that time we should have distain for dope feigns or drugs addicts. Maybe we should reinstate the witch laws of the 1690s
Author: harold