Addiction Research

Rimchamp says:
” Your statement that heroin “can easily addict with just one use” is absurd and ridiculous. And you base that on……..? It is a fact that our government has never done any tests to actually prove harm prior to criminalization of any drug. Yet, you publish dubious tests [that likely don’t meet anything remotely resembling scientific process] using the result of prohibition to “prove” your case.

Here is where I would like to join the debate. You know I have had face to face contact with thousands of addicted souls. Many say, as I do, the first drink put me on the path to alcoholism. Also I do not think research will every find what causes alcoholism/addiction. Those that never touch alcohol will try another source to fill an empty spiritual void. Prohibition adds confusion to this void.When I hear the scholarly talk about research on addiction, they forget about how mental ill addicts become. I was talking to a M.D that was doing some studies in his profession. He related this story: When the lie detector became a tool for the law enforcement, some students took the equipment to the state hospital and tested some clients there. One client volunteered for their studies. He was strapped for the test and one of the question asked, “Are you Napoleon Bonaparte?” The client smirked and replied, “No”. The machine indicated he lied.

Now what are you going to do with research with input like that. I suppose here are my results plus or minus 50%. Most active addict I have spoke with deny their powerlessness, However I was speaking in a jail one night and one guy came to and stated, ” I know I am an alcoholic, but when I get out of here I am going right back to the bars”.

The better method lies here
Author: harold