Love and Compassion is the only answer

I believe addiction is a spiritual malady. I, as many others have testified to me, sought spiritual fulfillment in psychoactive drugs. I rejected the God of my family and the manner they sought Him. While my mother and father held onto me and did dot encourage to get out on my own, after I got married they did not interfere with my personal live. That, I believe, was an act of Love and Faith.

This rejection builds anger and resentment that is hard to tear down. A family that has relied upon God that has served them so well believes It should do the same for their loved one. In most every case the family starts treating the addict like a 13 year old.

Addiction is the responsibility of the addict. Love and Compassion is the only answer. Thy will be done not mine.

Here I think the legal and academicians are totally blind to any solution and give out advice that in most cases are more damaging that helpful.

Author: harold