Problems the Prohibition Laws have Created

How do we know when we are helping the problems of addiction or when are we trying to fix the problems the prohibition laws have created?

Our Drug Prohibition laws have been in effect so long we are confused as what it would be like without them. The underground drug market creates so many atrocities we are left with the thought we should deal with these atrocities. I believe if someone wanted to do this on an individual basis, not a drug policy, one would quickly find the futility of their actions.

Here again, I do not know. I too have never lived in at time without Drug Prohibition laws. Everybody gets scared when it is suggested they go away. I know one thing, when alcohol prohibition ended, we did not have any more alcohol distilled in automobile radiators where Jack & Jim is available. It has not stopped alcoholics from ingesting mouthwash, vanilla extract, shoe polish & etc.

The methodology for treating addiction is Prayer, Compassion and Restraint. Deviating from this is no more than adding fuel to the prohibition laws, which is far out of control.
Author: harold