End Drug Prohibition Now

Despite hundreds of billions of dollars spent and millions of Americans incarcerated, illegal drugs remain cheap, potent and widely available in every community; and the harms associated with them — addiction, overdose, and the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis — continue to mount. Meanwhile, the war on drugs has created new problems of its own, including rampant racial disparities in the criminal justice system, broken families, increased poverty, unchecked federal power, and eroded civil liberties. Our elected officials need new metrics to determine whether progress is being made.

More from the text:

Such goals should include reducing social problems like drug addiction, overdose deaths, the spread of HIV/AIDS from injection drug use, racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and the enormous number of nonviolent offenders behind bars. Federal drug agencies should be judged — and funded — according to their ability to meet these goals.

I might add this does not include the one in treatment centers demanded by the justice system.

It is time to stop shoveling shit and get the elephant out of the living room.

End Drug Prohibition Now

Author: harold