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Can you tell me what are the Goals & Objectives of the Drug Enforcement
Agency? All I see on their web site is about the people they have
arrested. Should this question be directed to my Congressmen? I am
becoming a little concerned about our prison population being 25% of the
world’s prison inmates while we have 6% of the world population. My
information indicates we have many mentally ill drug users in prison and
the DEA may be the cause of that excess prison population.Their reply below:

Thank you for contacting

With regard to your inquiry concerning the Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA), please refer to the following

A component of the Department of Justice (DOJ), the mission
of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is to enforce
the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United
States and bring to justice those organizations and principal
members of organizations involved in the growth, manufacture,
or distribution of controlled substances appearing in or
destined for illicit traffic in the United States.

If you have concerns regarding the manufacture or distribution
of illegal drugs and/or drug organizations, you may wish to
contact the DEA office nearest you. The DEA also maintains
offices in United States and around the world. Or, you may
wish to contact DEA headquarters by phone or mail at:

Phone: 1-202-307-1000
Drug Enforcement Administration
Mailstop: AES
2401 Jefferson Davis Highway
Alexandria, VA 22301

We hope you find this information helpful.

Regards, Citizen Response Team

Author: harold

Since George, “Dubya” believes Prisons Sentences Should be Commuted

Since George, “Dubya” Bush believes Prisons Sentences Should be Commuted Because They are too Long.

Ordering a review all 500k cases of non-violent drug cases in prison.

1. If convicted on evidence collected in violation of Fourth Amendments rights. Release.

2. If convicted on evidence collected when they were entrapped. Release.

3. if they we convicted of drugs instead of another crime committed because drug crime demand
more time served. Order new trial for other crime.

Author: harold