e-mail from my Comgressman and my reply

From: roger.wicker@mail.house.gov
Subject: Reply from Congressman Roger Wicker
Date: August 7, 2007 12:17:07 PM CDT
To: hardearly@gmail.com

Thank you for contacting me regarding illegal drug usage . I am glad to have the benefit of your views on these issues.
I believe that our nation must continue to fight illicit drug use, especially in children and young adults. Drugs are a danger to American society and pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of our families and neighborhoods. I am committed to continuing to fight this war. I believe that all illegal drug use, including the use of marijuana, is wrong and deserves just punishment.
Please feel free to contact me if I can ever be of assistance.
With best wishes, I am

Sincerely Yours,
Roger F. Wicker
Member of Congress

The Most Honorable Congressman:

I thank you very much for your reply, however I must say, hopefully, we can agree to disagree. I have no interest in the drugs you mention, none. I am only interested in the laws of drug prohibition. These laws have no constructive value, only destructive. They destroy our Constitution, create a violent marketplace, sow the seeds to corrupt enforcement and judicial system and punish the mentally ill.

Your e-mail indicates your have very strong feelings about these laws. (more about drugs than laws) You could get much local input if you would consider a local debate here in Tupelo on value of these laws.

your neighbor and constituent



Author: harold

When Horror Came to a Connecticut Family

To my friends at the New York Times

From the text: They were both serial burglars with drug habits.

Hummm, why do we need the adjective, “with drug habits” to tell this story. Were they black, Irish, Hispanics, maybe Muslims?

I know hundreds of drug addicts. I do not believe any are serial burglars and murders. All your are doing is trampling on the mentally ill by connecting them to most hideous criminal behavior. Shame on you.
Author: harold