Judging Mississippi, and the world, on its own merits

You make a point here that is so important. I must say we are mostly dependent upon the media for some information. The most important one in resent past is the Iraq War. We were led into that war without any opposing views. Now we know, but much too late.

The one area I am the most interested and the reason I set up this site is our prohibition laws regarding psychoactive drugs. These laws have been on the books since December 1914. Nobody have proven their effectiveness. The media, nether print, visual, audio, or digital will go to any length to cover their destructiveness of these laws only discuss the harm of the drugs. The fallacies of these laws falls under the table because nobody cares. Four and one-half years of posting on this blog have I given enough information out to inform anyone. A murder in my back yard, 615 Magnolia, an act as the result of these laws has not lifted anyone’s eye. The crime was planned and carried out under the assumption the victim could not report the crime, thus one of my objection to these laws.
Author: harold