Drug Policies

I listen to the people who support our drug policies and what I hear is I should be very fearful of a destitute poppy farmer, 12 times zones away, cultivating poppy trying to provide a little substance for his family. I should be even more fearful of those who gather and distill cocoa leaves that lives at least 3500 miles away. They say we should send in our military and destroy those crops of those poor. After they do, will I be safer? If they do not should I double bolt lock my door, be careful when I leave the house, always keep my children indoors, what?

The son of the family that purchased my father’s small tobacco farm, has been accused of cultivating marijuana. I am gonna be safer when he goes to jail? Please have the lawmakers tell me the effort going into stopping these activities so I can determine if my money is well spent or should be a little braver and spend a little less.

Here is my former Congressman’s e-mail:

“I believe that our nation must continue to fight illicit drug use, especially in children and young adults. Drugs are a danger to American society and pose a serious threat to the safety and stability of our families and neighborhoods. I am committed to continuing to fight this war. I believe that all illegal drug use, including the use of marijuana, is wrong and deserves just punishment.”

The murder in MY backyard in May does scare me a bit. It is evident the crime was a plan by individuals to rob a man involved in the sale of drugs our drug policies attempt to keep away from everybody, thus they did not think the crime would be reported. I have to admit I have some fear from the prohibition laws. I have no fear of drugs. Those that choose to use them and break laws of decency can be handled in a manner we have since civilization began. We should attempt to keep drugs out of the hands of our youth in a different manner.
Author: harold