Ever heard of AA or NA?

Here is a comment from a statement I made on another blog that was e-mailed to me but for some reason I cannot find on that blog.

Author: msgirl
No method for treating addiction?  Ever heard of AA or NA?  Dr. Russell’s method just enabled addiction.

Here again I have not made myself clear. Yes, I have heard of AA, NA, CA, & others. I also have heard that some 10 million have found relief from the agonizing slow death of the spiritual malady called alcoholism, since its onset in 1935. I know of no method anyone, including our Justice Department, can use to apply this to a suffering individual.

I also know of another group called the Al-Anon Family Groups that uses the same principles as above to emotionally separate themselves from those they Love that are demonized by the aforementioned spiritual malady.

I am convinced if ALL employees of the DEA would attend a Al-Anon Family Groups and seriously apply these principles to their work, they will find another job in short order.

Of course, my thoughts here are the same as sending a drunk to AA excepting him to behave as I wish.
Author: harold