More On the Fulton County Murder by Narc Cops

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He said they routinely took shortcuts around the law to get warrants in order to make arrest quotas.

Defense lawyer William McKenney argued that the real culprits were Tesler’s more experienced partners, Junnier and Smith, who had faced murder charges and have pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

“This is a tragedy, that is certain,” McKenney said.

“One tragedy happened by mistake…. Don’t ruin this officer, don’t ruin his family.

“I think what we have to consider is what this unit was all about before Arthur Tesler got there.”
McKenney reminded jurors of testimony that described rampant lying for warrants in the narcotics unit, where drugs were planted in residences when raids didn’t turn up any and on suspects to extort information. He noted that the entire culture of the police department encouraged the lying by setting near impossible quotas that officers had to meet for drugs or search warrants.

Is anybody paying attention, This is happening more places than Fulton County Georgia

WHY THE QUOTAS Somebody please explain
Author: harold