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The government has inserted itself into the roll as praent. We are trying to make the parent insignificant. One another subject on this forum I posted a cartoon by Signe Wilkinson the link I thought gave a pretty good picture of what is going on with government and parenting.

This forum is about drugs, not parenting, so I will stick to that subject, drug laws as it relates to parenting. Most parents are duped into thinking the drug laws protect their children from the perceived evils of drugs when nothing could be nothing further from the truth. It is just more expense and easier for the child to obtain. (No ID requested). If the parents have succeeded in keeping the child from drug until he goes to college, some children start experimenting there and learn how they have been lied to, then they are off to the races. When the law enforcement intervenes, then parental pride comes to the home front. Here is where the laws do a great damage.

Some parents think the laws are full of sh*t and and give their children drugs. Here we get a great disrespect for all laws. More damage the drugs laws create.

Now we get to the parent of the addict. It does not matter if the parent or child come from Yale or Harvard or a tobacco farm in KY, as I. The most likely path followed is this, addict in and out of jails, treatment centers, and continual binges, while the parents pay fines, lawyers, treatments centers fees. There may be siblings and they become angry at the addict and parent both causing hatred in the family. The saddest of all is the 70 year old mother tending to a 50 year old as if he were 12 years old. Some call this “enabling”. I think it is very complicated relationships and we never will find an answer in the research labs and for sure not on the law books. Remember we have 500,000 in prison, who knows under house arrest, and/or on bail.

Often the addict marries, has children and the child becomes the parent.
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Education First part of War on Drug Program


Much is being said about efforts to educated our youth on the perils of drug use. My heart goes out to those trying to carry this message. All to often, we attempt to present a certain thought about these highly emotional issues and we find our message was received completely devoid of what we are trying to say.

A perfect example of this is a story I was told in school down in central Kentucky. It seems that a young lad had put some of his father’s moonshine in a small bottle, hid it in his trousers, and went off to school. As his history class was making an in-depth analysis of the 18th amendment, he was sipping on his father’s shine. Midway through the class the very astute teacher caught the lad nipping, took the bottle, ascertained its contents and changed her lesson plan.

She sent the fastest boy in the class to get 2 fishing worms while she brought out 2 pint Mason jars. She filled one jar with water, the other with the shine. Then, she placed one worm in the water jar, the other worm in the shine. A short time later the worm in the shine had died, while the one in the water looked as if it was taking a sun bath. The teacher said, “Now do you know what will happen to you if you drink this stuff?” The young lad replied swiftly, “If I drink Pa’s shine I won’t get worms.”


In the early 60s a hospital was built in Lexington, KY. They took in indigent clients. 50% were treated for worms.

Author: harold