This is Not the Way to Sell Drugs

This is not the way to sell drugs

Weirdharold’s Method for Selling Drugs

A taxpaying company would submit to the Federal Drug Administration information on a product that would be classed as one of the following three:
1. Central Nervous System Depressant
2 . Stimulant
3. Hallucinogens
The producers would provide information to the FDA as to the effects on an adult male & female. This information would include shot term effects on the physic, the progressive use, and the long term effect on brain and body. The FDA would ascertain the information and permit or reject the sale of the product. The FDA roll is only to ascertain the truthfulness for the producer not to insure safety of the product. The capitalist economy will determine what is sold.

After the product is approved for sale then the Treasury Department will handle the tax and labeling issues as it does alcohol and tobacco.

At the the point of sale to the consumer, the sale person would give the costumer would be informed of the findings of the effect of the product and he would sign document saying same.
The costumer signs & swears to the following:
1. Will not resale
2. Will not allow to fall into hand of anyone 21 years
3. Will not operate machinery while using products

We now have a product our government guarantees that a producer is selling a product that is what they say it is, only to adults.
Author: harold