I have said this before

I took my first drink on March 24 1960, my last on December 22, 1975. When did I become addict? Here is where all popular belief is phony because experience tell me the conditions for addiction were present when I took my first drink. The same with many others I have met. Prohibition is trying to stop an affliction that already exist.
My conversations with others indicate their experience with the first psychoactive drug created some enormous feeling of relief and the only thought was to go for more. The suffering from that episode was agonizing and we were never going to do it again, however the next opportunity we were at it again. This is called addiction.

The best analogy I believe is think as if the addict’s brain is like simmering fire, no flame. The addict believes he has put out the fire for a short time by using alcohol or some other psychoactive drug. While, others see it as the fire has burst into flame. The addict does not know the fire is still simmering and all other think the a substance causes the flames. Here lies the falsehood of the prohibition laws. Since, this is the basis for prohibition laws and it does not work. Most all think we must continue out efforts and in comes treatment and all the other “Drug War” industrial complex.

The alcoholic/addict is well aware his behavior does not fit into social standard at times, as does all. Take away the Prohibition Laws and then all are on the same page as the alcoholic/addict then he is not trying to hide from prohibition laws but keep his our behavior in check. While the populace is not trying to keep substances away from the ill they believe to be of value.

Punish people for bad acts and take the away the prohibition laws. Then the Justice System would need not be in the treatment business.

Author: harold