Guns v. Drugs

Being a anti-drug warrior I see many people going to jail for possession of drugs. I believe that we can stop this in a fair and suitable way for all. Since drugs are illegal to possess and guns are a Second Amendment Right to possess, the right thing to do would be to take a bag of pot away from those pot heads and give him a nine millimeter semi-automatic. Tell him to stop messing with that pot and go defend himself. Obey the laws and stop hanging on to illegal substances. He should remember that Charleston Heston will never take away his gun, but any halfway decent cop can take away his drugs.

He can join up with any good redneck and go around the county defending his right to defend himself. Drug are far more dangerous that guns. So stay away from drugs especially pot. I have been told 4 year old children have had their brains blown out while playing with pot. Now if we follow my social agenda just think how much safer we all would be and we would not have to take Charleston Heston’s gun from his “Cold dead hands”. It all sounds so simple to me.

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Author: harold