Eco-Guides guide homeowners on the path to sustainability

A new home consulting service in the Portland area aims to reduce homeowners’ environmental footprint one home at a time. Through a series of home visits, Eco-Guides will assess a homeowner’s impact, inform them of sustainable choices and help them to implement changes. Eco-Guides’ five areas of focus include: energy efficiency, water conservation, green gardening, waste reduction and toxics elimination.

“From our efforts to ‘green’ our own homes, we found that there was a lot of information on sustainability, from many different sources and it was often difficult to determine what applied to a particular home based on its age, its occupants and their lifestyle. We aim to make it simple for homeowners to do the right thing for the environment. In addition we show our homeowners the impact they’re having and what they can achieve in terms of dollars saved, gallons of water conserved, waste reduced, etc.,” says Lisa Ard, Owner of Eco-Guides.

Some of the ways Eco-Guides make it simple to go “green”:

• “We do the research and deliver the recommendations that will work for our homeowners”, says Laura Baldschun, Owner of Eco-Guides
• Eco-Guides delivers their expertise over three home visits, so a homeowner isn’t overwhelmed with information
• They provide an Eco-Guidebook full of checklists, additional reading, helpful brochures, rebate information, etc.
• Eco-Guides offers environmentally-friendly products and service referrals
• “We remain an ongoing resource for our homeowners long after the home visits. For instance, a year after our consultation a homeowner may have their dishwasher go out; we’d like to help them easily select an energy- and water-efficient dishwasher plus take advantage of any rebates or incentives”, says Lisa Ard.

Eco-Guides partners with local agencies, water bureaus, and service companies to help spread the message of living sustainably.

For further information, please contact Lisa Ard, Owner at (503) 730-0676 or Laura Baldschun, Owner at (971) 255-9159
Author: harold