Drug War Cause and Effect

Prohibition laws include prohibiting the cultivating, manufacturing, sales and possession of a substance. In the case of drugs laws, substances that have the potential to addict. Substances put on the prohibited list are put there by the folks that enforce the prohibition laws. Now the lawmakers are safe from the public.

Most everyone believes psychoactive substances cause addiction. From my experience, I do not believe psychoactive drugs cause addiction no more than gasoline causes a fire. Gasoline needs a flame or spark to explode into a fast burning fire. The flame or spark can create a fire without the gasoline. Put that same scenario to psychoactive substances, then our prohibition laws are about as valuable as tits on a boar hog.

The increase in addiction as the effort to enforce these prohibition laws increases gives evidence that my theory is correct.

The addicted has a “flame on the brain”, he/she believes some psychoactive drug delivered in some form will put out the fire on the brain. They, “most likely”, will not break any laws other than prohibition laws, hence, the drug war is a war on the mentally ill.
Author: harold