Michael Phelps Has No Business Apologizing for Taking Bong Hits

The Olympic gold medalist struck another blow to the myth that pot smokers are lazy couch potatoes. He has no reason to say he’s sorry.

Phelps Is in Good Company

Phelps struck another blow to the myth that marijuana smokers are lazy couch potatoes. Here is the guy who has won more gold medals than anyone in history, and obviously his health and accomplishments are not hindered by smoking some pot. In addition to his swimming skills, he is a successful businessman who has turned his swimming skills into an enormous public relations platform and money generator. Successful and honorable people who have smoked some pot are all around us, from President Barack Obama to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

It is time to start a serious discussion on ending marijuana prohibition. If marijuana is bad for one’s health it will be determined by scientific facts and personal experience, not prohibition.
Author: harold