President Points to ‘Inherited’ Economy

Obama’s New Tack: Blaming Bush

Blaming one’s predecessor is as old as ruling governments have existed see here

Here, however Dubya is not alone in this mess. This downward trend started when Nancy and Ronnie took office. The whole administration was filled with 40 year old neocons out prove how well they could let the rich devour the poor and middle income people. They have told us how great of a President our Grade B Actor was by omitting how he slept through the Iran Cronta Thing. Twenty years later these same neocons showed up in power along with the Bush Country Club buddies. That along with a congress that had no oversight commitment other than fellatio was not to be practiced in the White House. They slowly removed all the checks and balances that kept the rich from stealing everything except a hot stove. Now they have all the cash and they are scare making it hard for all others to get the commodities they need for their daily substance.

Author: harold