Time to Legalize Pot

Time has come to legalize pot

Should we legalize pot. Polls say no

The pollsters are asking the wrong question.

  1. Should schools stripe search ten year old girls for suspected drug possession?
  2. Do you know what percentage of teen age boys know where they can buy pot.?
  3. Do you think children should be denied Pell Grant because of a drug crime?
  4. Do you think people should be arrested for drug paraphernalia?
  5. Do you think drug enforcement should have no-knock warrants?
  6. Do you think SWAT teams should raid homes and terrorize & kill innocent people and their pets, trying to find drugs?
  7. Do you think schools should have the authority to search student’s person and property without jurisdiction?
  8. Do you think Law Enforcement should be allowed to carry Prohibited Drugs?
  9. Do you think illiterate people should be permitted to manage Drug Evidence Rooms?
  10. Do you think someone should get 10 times the penal sentence for possession of cocaine as rape (log in Reginald Dixon in Mississippi State Correction website inmate search)

Author: harold