Statistics do not Lie, but Statisticians Often Do

Lou Dobbs was throwing out statistics last night (5-14-09) on CNN about Prohibited Drugs most of which would not exit if the prohibition laws did not exist.

The most insane one was 4 million American are addicted to drugs. Well, that is about 1 in 75 Americans, however it was estimated in 1914 when The Harrison Narcotics Act was put in place the number was 1 in 400. Which way are we going anyway?

Another was 12,000 addicts die from infected needles. Well, I wonder about that figure. Addicts die from a lot of causes. But, here again what would happen in a normal capitalistic system of supply and demand. Many people died from bathtub gin and moonshine distilled in car radiators during alcohol prohibition but today those products do not compete very well with Jim Bean and Jack Daniels.

He gave more but I am old and I forgot!!
Author: harold