The New Drug Czar is Half Right

The new drug czar is right, end the “war on drugs

However I think it a flawed policy to think the justice system can cure drug addiction or alcoholism as stated here:

Kerlikowske has his own long law-enforcement career to draw on, but he was also exposed to successful(sic) use of drug courts in King County, which work to steer those convicted toward help and away from being locked up. National experience with diversion and drug courts found them to be half as expensive as prison time.

This approach to may be less expensive than our present system of imprisonment from our drug prohibition laws but it is just as misdirected. We should have policies that separate crime from drug use. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME. We should use our justice to punish bad behavior not for being addicted. Armed robbery is armed robbery, what does drug use have to do with it. Compassion such as this nor added flame has no place in justice system, JUSTICE IS BLIND.

We have two thoughts on the Drug Issue. The first is,”Tough on crime.” The second compassion, “We can rehabilitate these folks.” Both are WRONG.

The first group have given us drug prohibition laws with 2.500,000 individuals in prison. The second has given us drug courts and 7,000,000 in the system of rehabilitation.

The cause of addiction is UNKOWN. It could be one reason or it could be a 1,000, but, I am sure accessibly to the product or lack thereof is NOT one of them. 100 years experimenting with these prohibition laws has proved that.
Author: harold