My e-mail to California Assemblyman Tom

Tom, I thought about your bill when I read this In New York Times

From the Text:
“Senator Morrisette in Oregon said he thought that exact situation — a state moving toward legalization, perhaps California — could play out much sooner now than might have been imagined even a few weeks ago. And the continuing recession would only help, he said, with advocates for legalization able to promise relief to an overburdened prison system and injection of tax revenues to the state budget.”

Your bill will not legalize marijuana. It will “END PROHIBITION”. Those costly laws that are so disruptive to our communities. Your bill controls cultivation (via USDA), market(via taxation), and prohibits the sale to minors.

Am I right?

His reply:


Thank you. I do think one of the major benefits is prohibiting sale to
minors and the costly law enforcement which is wasting limited public


Author: harold