Your Are In Recovery IF:

1. You drink more coffee per day than Starbucks sells in one week.

2. Emails to your friends have “HALT” as the subject header.

3. You and your buddies get thrown out of expresso bars
and teahouses for being “too rowdy.”

4. Songs like “There’s a Tear In My Beer” make you
cry for reasons different than most people.

5. For parties with your friends, you buy a couple cases
of Mountain Dew and Pepsi-Cola.

6. Dining out, you wonder how someone at the next
table, can drink half a glass of wine and leave the rest.

7. There is at least one magnet on your refrigerator, plaque on your wall,or bumper-sticker on your car with an inspirational message printed on it.

8. You don’t know the last names of most of your best friends.

9. If you need advice on money, you ask the guy in your
meeting who used to be bankrupt.

10. When you empty your purse or pockets you find at least one of the
following: an anniversary chip, scraps of paper with phone numbers of people you met in meetings, pocket-sized Basic Text.

11. Your idea of a pick-up line is, “I really liked what you shared.”

12. No matter how bad a day you had, if you go to bed
clean, you consider yourself In recovery!

Author: harold