After several years of surfing the internet, I have found many that bash 12 Step programs, that supply aid to those seeking some form of relief from a given spiritual malady. One of these fellowship have given aid to 10 million people over the past 74 years. Each of those 10 million have given testimony to some relief.

Now those that bash these fellowships fall into two groups. The first group are entrepreneurs that earn their wealth form the prejudices and fears of the insecure. The second group are the ones that enrich the first group. They all fall into one category that all the aforementioned 10 million can testify to: “They have not had their last drink yet”
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You Just Might Be An Alcoholic If:

1. You eat corn flakes with bourbon poured over them!

2. You drive to Eau Claire, WI to purchase 28 cases of “Bud Light” for 3% discount.

3. You try to hide 28 cases of “Bud Light” under a small bed!

4. Your favorite hiding place for “Haven Hill 6 Years Old” is in the tank of the window washer of your ‘73 Dodge Polaris!

5. You can drink one (1) fifth of “Haven Hill 6 Years Old” driving from Louisville to St. Louis without flashing a bottle or stopping.

6. You always cash your payroll check at the liquor store!

7. You have convinced your spouse the only place to purchase cigarettes is the liquor store!

8. You arrive at your son’s wedding with a half-pint of “Haven Hill 6 Years Old” in the breast pocket of your suit with bottle cap removed and straw inserted!

9. You have lost your car more than one dozen times in the parking lot of the local pub that accommodates 8 cars!

10. You have found the most comfortable and peaceful place to sleep was the bathtub on more than one dozen occasions!

11. You have been to a doctor about drinking at least 25 times but never confess to drinking more than a 6 pack per week!

12. You proudly proclaim you have never gone to bed with an ugly partner, but you have some recollections of awaking with one or two.

13. At least one time you have had the roof of your moth sunburned.
Author: harold

A Perfect Meeting

I was on the road in central Kentucky & attended a meeting, that had a defrocked priest in civilian clothes, a male distillery worker, a part time tobacco farmer & factory worker, school teacher, unemployed bricklayer, a female legal assistant, waitress, self-employed water treatment salesman, a black clergyman, bartender and harlot that had not been paid lately. I am sure we all wanted to stop drinking & help others to stop.
The above is my imagination of going through Nelson County KY, attending a fellowship meeting with a collection of 12 people that would not normally mix.

A Perfect Meeting is any group of people trying to stay sober & help others stay sober via sharing their experience, strength & hope.

Author: harold