Weirdharold Ponders His Actions of 10/14/2005

I belong to a fellowship that is solely devoted to helping those having a spiritual malady that no human power has ever been able to aid. I had been asked to help an individual who appears to suffer from the same spiritual illness as I. I had laid out a plan I thought would help. I had not seen the person for many days. I picked up another fellowship member and we went to visit the person in question. It was obvious from onsite; though amiable and gracious, she had decided to turn to human power to correct her malady. This left me sad.
The following evening, I followed my regular routine of 2nd Friday of each month, of going to a place of lodging for those suffering from the same illness as I. I go there to share my experience. As I started I shared my sadness of my earlier days’ experience. As I began to speak a noticed the back row on men and women were engaging in other behavior and not paying attention to my talk. I continued on message without interrupting their actions. As I continued I noticed they began to listen even those who seemed to have lust on their minds.

I never really got into any conversation about the methodology of taming the beast of lust so that we could live with our God and others, because that is only a small part of the principles we must use. I stayed within the parameters of our devastating illness and that we cannot conquer it alone. I left feeling much better knowing that I am a messenger not the Message

Page 14, “As Bill Sees It”: “You can’t make a horse drink water if he still prefers beer or is too crazy to know what he does want. Set a pail of water beside him, tell him how good it is and why, and leave him alone.

“If people really want to get drunk, there is, so far as I know, no way of stopping this — so leave them alone and let them get drunk. But don’t exclude them from the water pail, either.”

This seems to a hard lesson for me to learn

Author: harold