F.H. Ard

Some things about the F. H. Ard Family

My fraternal Grandfather, F. H. Ard, was born in Barren County (1868) and moved to southeastern Hart County after marrying a Hart County girl, Nellie Burd. My grandfather moved to the Hammondville area in the fall of 1910. Sadly, Nellie had died of childbirth in April of that same year. F. H. lived on a farm owned by his brother-in-law. In 1921, F. H., my father, and his brothers purchased that farm. All lived and died there.

At the time the Ards moved to Hammondville, the community had one educated individual: Dr. Mark Lively. When a new mailbox was set at the lane to my grandfather Ard’s home, one neighbor saw the name F. H. Ard and went to ask Dr. Mark what A-R-D spelled. Dr. Mark replied quickly, “Not a damn thing.” Years later, I learned its meaning, though while I was in Hartford, CT waiting on a plane that did not arrive. I was shuffled off to a motel to wait for another the next day. One of the passengers was an Irishman who was telling me not to hold his heritage against him. When I told him my ancestors were Irish, he asked my name. I told him, and he was elated. He said, “It was translated as high in old Gaelic”. I understood that to be a greeting, “Hey or HI” but what he meant I am sure was now: high, towering, tall, big, loud, height, high place, fell, incline, district, region, direction, compass point, pole as stated in Kelly’s Dictionary

The history of this family is filled with sadness. The most talked to me was an event started in 1915. My father married Ara Gardner. In 1916, they had a daughter, Nellie. In 1918 they had a son; both the mother and son died of the Spanish flu. This illness hit the whole world for about three weeks, killing 20 million people, according to World Book Encyclopedia.

About 1929 J.W”s brother, Arthur, was living in the very same house as the above mentioned scene. Arthur and his wife lost an infant son.

As I started my search I noted in 1910, “Nellie” F. H.’s wife died of childbirth and the child died 3 months later. Also, F.H. and Nellie lost another infant child in 1906.
Author: harold