Ard Family

F. H. Ard


F. H. was buried about 5- 6 hours before I was born. All that I say about F. H. has come through at least one or more persons. It is so easy to for us to pick up on someone’s glaring defects of character. While we must take some time to evaluate their attributes. Some of the things I have heard about F. H. was his control of his children especially Clemmie. Another was his altercation with Eligh Cruse and Grace Crouch. These things are easy to spot and make good conversation around a pot bellied stove.

From this point on I will look for the bright spots in F. H.’s life. I have heard or remember what I heard very little about F. H. before 1910 when he and his family moved to Hammondsville. On April of that year F. H.’s wife Nellie had died of childbirth. My information on the child is mixed and I will not comment. I am not sure how he was providing a living for his family, but the grief stricken father moved to Hammondville with five children ages 7-18 to work as a tenant framer for his brother-in-law (husband of his dead wife’s sister).

Everything I hear from family and others was that F. H. taught his off springs a work ethic that was a conversation piece in Hammondville. That included all. Aunt Clemmie became the matron of the household. Some say that F. H. objected highly to her considering any marital leaning. Aunt Clemmie never married.

Some may say that F. H. held onto his children to a fault. I think he did. It was for his own financial, emotional, and social reasons as well as those same reasons for his children.

Author: harold