F.H. and Family Early 1900’s

5 years into the Hammonsville move J. W. (second child first son) got married, guess what, he moved into a little house on farm. He live there for 3 year having two children. When his wife and youngest child died, he and his oldest child moved back into F.H.’s house.

Less than one year later Barnett got married and move into the same house that J.W. had just moved from. Oct. 1921 J. W. married again but no place to go he and his wife move into F. H.’s house. His father-in-law started building him a house of the southeastern part of the farm.

They were no longer tenant farmers (explain later). Shortly thereafter Barnett build his home a few hundred yards north of J W, house on the old Hammonsville Road.

1928 Arthur got married again he move into house that J.W & Barnett. In mid 30’s Mary,”Little Mary”, got married and moved to Illinois, but stayed only one year, then moved back to the house the other three married siblings had lived. Fast forward to 1947 when the last member of the third generation was born. 5 members of the 2nd generation, 4 spouses of 2nd generation, 14 children in the 3rd generation and one(1)spouse 2 children of the fourth generation were living on the the farm that F.H. came to in 1910. Only one (1) descendant was living away from that farm 1947 although it was divide up into four or five parts it was still the same farm.

These statements are from my memory as they were relayed to me by others not necessarily family members and very easily challenged. I encouraged all family members to do so.

Comment # 1

one member of the family that is not a member of this web page made a comment that I wish to post. J.W. Barnett, and Arthur were very silent on the matter which we are talking. The information we get are from spouses of those and Mary,”Little Mary”,. I had very little contact with Clemmie. what I am saying is that Manley, Vivian, Eddie, and Eva may have greater Ard perspective than all of us.

Comment # 2

The portion that there was 26 members living on the farm in 1947 was incorrect. At on time all 29 members was ling on the farm

Author: harold