The Methodology Of Cancer Treatment#4

Senior Moments

July 27th

This morning I got up at this AM, the only thing my unusual schedule was to go give blood for the research program I had volunteered. I note that I had set a time I could not make. I called and moved the scheduled time back one half one-half hour.

I went and gave the blood without incident. I was given three pages, both sides, describing the research it was involved. I left and went a bagel place and had breakfast. Half way through breakfast I noted I did not have my envelope that had my $50 check. I looked all over the bagel restaurant for the envelope and had one of the workers helping me. Then I called the young lady that drew my blood and my first words,” Stop payment on check”. She you left the check here.

Talked to my oncologist fellowship friend about my treatment schedule. He said it would all be scheduled according to their vacation plans or payments on their boat.

Author: harold