The Methodology Of Cancer Treatment #5


Well, well, a diagnosis has been made and treatment plan is almost complete. The Cut doc made another asshole inspection yesterday and determined the mass was too big for his usual operating procedure. He and the Gut Doc and Poison Doc decided they would add another Doc to the procedure, A Radiation Doc, known from now on as Burn Doc.

The treatment for the next six weeks will be this: A stint will be put in my chest. A pump will be inserted into this stint with a low dose of chemo. That will continue each week for six week. Radiation therapy each day (or each week day) for the same time.

I had a PET Scan today. The worse yet lying on your back for 80 minutes is not my style. At the end I could not breath because of allergies. When you cannot breath nothing else is important but getting the next breathes.

I have conclude when the Big C has been diagnosed there are many that see the Big $$$$$$$.

Update to clarify:

The chemo & radiation will start next week, I think, I will have the stint put in Monday(scheduled) and will see the Burn Doc on Tuesday(scheduled). I assume they will start the next day. They will go on for six weeks. Then after 4 more weeks, they will make a decision for the next turn of events. The radiation is done 2 blocks from where I go to fellowship meetings everyday at noon. No interruption to my daily activities. It takes only five minutes. I will have go to across the river once a week for the pump to be put in the stint. The Poison Doc states I should not have any sides effect to the chemo since it is such a low dose. Yea!! We will see.

Author: harold