Letter to LA Times

I see your news on Prop 19 is very lacking. What little you have goes back to July.” Prop. 19 approval could decrease marijuana costs, increase consumption, report says”

These politically motivated studies have no basics. The only basics of any value, they do not use.

Here are some facts known from the Great Prohibition Experiment.

1.. Some alcohol was Bootlegged in areas where sales were prohibited.

2. Some alcohol was moonshined* outside the tax structure. The Treasury no trouble ending this illegal activity because it was so unpopular. Some of it was dangerous to use, as it was during the the Great Prohibition Experiment.

3. I do know anytime tobacco was sold outside tax structure, especially after cigarettes were rolled via manufacturing. The same would apply Marijuana

4. CATO institute studies show alcohol use did not increase at the end of prohibition


*Bootlegged: Taxes paid but sold in sale prohibited area
**Moonshined: distilled and sold no taxes paid.

Prohibition Laws have no VALUE. Only destructive side effects.

Author: harold