The Poor Economy

So long as each political party spend million on ads and the Cable News Networks keep telling us how bad our economy is at present, the rich and large corporations are going to hold onto their cash (1.3 trillion now) and they are not going to hire anybody. So the economy keeps on crashing.

If it were up to me, I would take the money from the rich and give it to our citizens and tell them they could only buy cars made in USA, smart phones made in the Bay Area of CA, Hickey-Freeman suits made in Rochester NY, and sweet potatoes grown in Vardaman, MS. Then everybody could ride around in their cars using gasoline produced in Texas, wearing their fancy suits, texting on their smart phones, and farting like a mare mule in a full set of harness, thinking nobody was paying any attention.

The economy would return to normal. The rich could go back to stealing hot stoves and the undertakers could get rich from the auto accidents. All could continue saying the homeless should buy a house, widows with 4 children should get a job and get off public assistance.

Author: harold