More on the Drug War

This article explains many of the problems with the Drug War. To end these destructive laws I believe more truths must be told.

Many people have fears of those using alcohol and/or drugs and well they should if those users drive automobiles, operate heavy machinery or have guns. Some create public and/or domestic violence.

Then there are the parents, grandparents and others that believe if one ever uses a drug or alcohol they will become addicted. These issues are not going away whatever laws we have in place.

Our prohibition laws have taken on three functions to deal with all the above issues. They are:


Interdiction failed with alcohol and it has failed with drugs. So our lawmakers make more laws and increase punishment and more failures. The CATO institute has some example of these failures.

The Education in place is the flat earth society idea. There is not enough known about addiction to be teaching anything. Teaching children about the harms of drugs when they are more informed than the teacher is bullshit.

The Treatment:
I am opposed to forcing people into treatment because they have committed a crime while under the influence. Having treatment available to those who wish to seek help I am for. If you do the crime you do the time. A crime by an addict is a crime. Of course, I am not talking about Drug Prohibition crimes. My thoughts come from this idea.

Author: harold