ACLU Religion And The Law

Names (Same Person)

I get at least one dozens e-mails each week damning the ACLU for putting forth charges in court to keep our religious tenants out of our government. I applaud these attempts, also I think all others that respect and honor other peoples’ religions will come to the same conclusion. When you watch closely the way politicians manipulate people with religion the more they will see why we should have a secular government and let each choose his own religion.

Moslems will never believe:

Jesus walked on water

Mary was a virgin

Jesus died on the cross.

Christians will never believe

God told Abraham to sacrifice Ishmel. Christians say it was Issac (Moslems Highest Holiday)

Mohammed was the last and true prophet

All wealth belongs to God

How can we have a goverment that has to sort that out. and why can’t we have friends and neighbors that have different views that ours.I listed these names so we can fight about that too.

If you are not insulted when you read this hang around for awhile and I will keep trying
Author: harold