Just Another Hammodsville Story

Summertime 1948 my brother-in-law, Ralph Chelf, took his two sons, my three sisters and me to Hodgenville to the movies. At the same time Edward, Junior and Herbert Roten (brothers), James Ard and Zane Tarter all teenagers were out and about in Hammondville. Most of the night there were around or near the store of Grover Cruse. Grover had some teenagers and they were all playing in that area. Grover’s teenagers went to the house and the other five headed home playfully. Zane and James had a bicycle. they walked/and rode on the road that goes from Jonesville to the Church at the juction of that road and the Munfordville road about 100 yard from the creek where it was forded by all vichles. At the intersection of this road there is a house that was built in 1946 and living there was young WW II veteran . When the five arrive at this intersection Zane and Edward (on James’s bicycle) decided they would race to the creek. Junior, Herbert, and James stood in front of an embankment south southeast of the house, The three were cheering the racers. About the time the two bicycles racers got to waters edge a shotgun blast went off from behind the three cheerleaders. Instantly from the voice of Zane came the words in a loud voice, “Goddddddddd Damn”. The five gathered together to access their situation. James got his bicycle from Edward and went home without telling anyone what happened. The other four went to Zane’s father, Floyd, in Hammondville. Floyd had no transportation so he told the teenagers go out and flag someone down. He thought someone might come by to take Zane and Edward to the doctor. The four went to the front of Willie Benningfield store in the road and waited. You guessed it. The first car coming by was Ralph Chelf with five children and his wife. They told Ralph what happened and asked if he would consider taking them to doctor. Zane went in front of the car to show the buckshot in his back. This is one part of this incident I remember. Zane’s had blood spots on every inch of his back. Ralph agree to take them to Canmer to Dr. York after he took us to our respective homes. Zane required some medical attention and Edward required minimum amount. The perpetrator was charged and was fined heavily. I have had discussion about this scene with many of people in Hammondville and have mixed feeling and the charges and the punishment. Today I consider assault with a deadly weapon to be a very serious. I can assure you that if any one of the five had been struck like Zane the young WW 11 veteran would have pulled a nickel at Eddiville. So much for Justice in Hammondville.
Author: harold