Drunken Driving or Driving Drunk

Having a alcohol level in blood test to determine capability of driving is kinda like measuring the water level in a pool to determine if you can swim. The issue is and always will be can the individual drive. Yes I know alcohol impairs driving. so do my other things, heart attacks, seizers, unruly children, cell phones. Shall I go on. I do not understand why our whole legal system is devoted to the drinking not the drivingIn a better world I would pursue a little different way. First I think of anyone that abuses alcohol is an alcoholic (maybe not true but good for this point). I do not believe a nonalcoholic gets more than one DUI. I have from many experiences from Al-Anon friends telling their experiences trying to keep their loved ones (alcoholics) from drinking. Things such as pouring out liquor, hiding liquor, punishing the alcoholic by withholding sex, money and the list goes on. When they join a fellowship of people trying to recover they try to avoid these acts and try to focus upon the unacceptable behavior and let the drinking rest. These experiences lead me to many conclusion on alcohol/drugs use and abuse. The question you and I are discussing is the impairment alcohol has upon driving.

Before getting into the substantive nature of this discussion let us talk some about highway safety. We have been using automobile for a method of transportation for about 100 years. During that time we have had about 4 or 5 time the number of deaths on our highways than have been killed in all the wars since the beginning of the Nation. The president of the United States is responsible for our national security. If our security is in doubt then the President must pay the political price. We have no office that our highway safety can be held accountable for all those deaths. We have laws we hope work. We have maintenance crews that we hope do their job. We have police that are suppose to enforce the laws we hope work, but these folks are much more incline to get into a car chase to get their adrenaline running than enforcing highways laws. To say the least it ain’t working.

I purpose the we create an agency that can be held politically responsible for moving people and materials across our country in a safe manner. This agency would write regulations under legislative review and be give authority to enforce these regulations, not laws. This agency would keep records, in their jurisdiction, man/miles driven, tons/miles transported, property damaged via accidents, personally injuries, and deaths. These records will be use to better regulate the movement of of vehicles on our highways.
The agency would only have limited powers: Issue license to use the highway, take away the right to use the highway, confiscate property that does not meet the standard the agency has set. of course they could on hold property until it is brought to standard. Regulator would be in van with 2 or 3 people with computers and any other aids they would need to enforce these regulations. Drivers will be stop and a decision on the spot as to violation of the rules. Upon minor violations the license will be electrically tagged and noted in computer files. When stopping a person impaired a physical test will be given (they do this now). Determination will be made if the individual can drive or no. If no the individual will summons transportation his driver license will be taken his automobile impounded. If he wishes get his car he will report to the agency in 24 to 48 hrs and he will be physically check again for impairment if not impaired he will be given his license back with it electrically tagged so he can be tracked as a person that drives impaired.

Someone driving without license will go before the court for action in the judicial system
Author: harold