Drug Policy is Polities, not Science

My 28 years of close attention to alcoholics and drug addicts (amateur for sure) lead me to believe. As a matter of public concern, the only way to end the violence against the public and against users of drugs is to allow alcoholics and drugs addicts to use at their choice (not minors). The public should then focus upon the misbehavior the person does that disrupts our society. Stop this stupid idea that we can stop a alcoholic or drugs addict from using drug thus our problem is solved. This will end the problem that has been going on since Noah got off the ark and started stomping grapes.
Any right thinking 4 year old believes if his father did not drink, his father would not hang around with unsavory characters beat his mother or beat him maybe some of his siblings. He is told if his father did not drink his life would be better. As he gets older he is told repeatedly that do not use drug or alcohol by teacher relatives ministers, social workers. He is told often and harshly do not drink or use drugs. Then he become a teenage and his peers tell him it is ok to drink. Within 35 seconds he is better looking that Matt Damon , stronger Mike Tyson, funnier than Jay Leno and he is also positive that all who said he should not drink has lied to him.

Let us go back to the original thought, if his father did not drink. Let us live in the now he does drink and our lives do need revolve around the fact that his father drinks .
Author: harold