Family Paradoxes

In continuing the previous story, sometime near the first days of October, 1918 Nellie was taken to Clemmie and Mary to be her surrogate mother. At the time this was thought to be a temporary, but sad to say it was for an extended for a very long time. After Ara died, I am sure J. W. and James Samuel moved back into the main house with the rest of the family. That did not last long James Samuel died within a few days of Ara. Nellie has told me that F. H. hardly never spoke to her positively or negatively. Her care was in the hands of Clemmie, Mary. and
J. W. At the time Nellie and J.W. moved back into the main home Clemmie was 26, J.W. 24 Barnett 21, Arthur 17. Mary 15. Barnett had married Roberta Buckner in June of 1918 he and Roberta both were living with in the old family house. I have no information to substantiate my claim but I am sure Barnett and Roberta moved into the Cabin after J.W.’s family moved out. All living condition remained the same until October 1921 J.W. married Mary Highbaugh. Mary moved into the Family house with all the others. At some time in 1921 the family had purchased the farm they were living on. This made it possible for them to build a house on the farm they owned. Sometime in the year of 1922 J.W.’s Father-in-Law started building a house for J.W. and Mary. The house was completed J.W. and Mary move into the new home. The big question, Was Nellie moving with them or was she staying with Clemmie, Mary, F.H. & Arthur. Mary “Jim” said nobody knew what was going to happen in this matter and nobody was directing her either way. After a few trips to and fro Nellie joined J.W. and Mary and she had made her decision.

Clemmie was around 30 years old at this time, her efforts to find a suitor had been blocked many times by F. H. so she remained a maid her entire life. I must say I know less about Clemmie that anyone one of the family that includes Barnett who died when I was nine years old. Clemmie live another six years I still did not get to know her like the others. I is my belief that Clemmie did not have the constitutional self-will to confront her father as the other four did.

There you have the paradox a five year old child can decide where she wishes to live, however a 30 year old woman was not allowed to get married.
Author: harold